The Material Design Lite (MDL) snackbar component is a container used to notify a user of an operation’s status. It displays at the bottom of the screen. A snackbar may contain an action button to execute a command for the user. Actions should undo the committed action or retry it if it failed for example. Actions should not be to close the snackbar. By not providing an action, the snackbar becomes a toast component.

Basic Usage:

Start a snackbar with a container div element. On that container define the mdl-js-snackbar and mdl-snackbar classes. It is also beneficial to add the aria live and atomic values to this container.

Within the container create a container element for the message. This element should have the class mdl-snackbar__text. Leave this element empty! Text is added when the snackbar is called to be shown.

Second in the container, add a button element. This element should have the class mdl-snackbar__action. It is recommended to set the type to button to make sure no forms get submitted by accident. Leave the text content empty here as well! Do not directly apply any event handlers.

You now have complete markup for the snackbar to function. All that is left is within your JavaScript to call the showSnackbar method on the snackbar container. This takes a plain object to configure the snackbar content appropriately. You may call it multiple consecutive times and messages will stack.


All snackbars should be shown through the same element.


<div aria-live="assertive" aria-atomic="true" aria-relevant="text" class="mdl-snackbar mdl-js-snackbar">
    <div class="mdl-snackbar__text"></div>
    <button type="button" class="mdl-snackbar__action"></button>

Note: In this example there are a few aria attributes for accessibility. Please modify these as-needed for your site.


var notification = document.querySelector('.mdl-js-snackbar');
var data = {
  message: 'Message Sent',
  actionHandler: function(event) {},
  actionText: 'Undo',
  timeout: 10000


var notification = document.querySelector('.mdl-js-snackbar');
    message: 'Image Uploaded'

CSS Classes


MDL Class Effect Remarks
mdl-snackbar Defines the container of the snackbar component. Required on snackbar container


MDL Class Effect Remarks
mdl-snackbar__text Defines the element containing the text of the snackbar. Required
mdl-snackbar__action Defines the element that triggers the action of a snackbar. Required


MDL Class Effect Remarks
mdl-snackbar--active Marks the snackbar as active which causes it to display. Required when active. Controlled in JavaScript

Data Object

The Snackbar components showSnackbar method takes an object for snackbar data. The table below shows the properties and their usage.

Property Effect Remarks Type
message The text message to display. Required String
timeout The amount of time in milliseconds to show the snackbar. Optional (default 2750) Integer
actionHandler The function to execute when the action is clicked. Optional Function
actionText The text to display for the action button. Required if actionHandler is set String.